CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Tides and more from the CliSAP Data Center


Information about the tides is not only important for sailors and bathers: it is also essential for the starting and boundary conditions of climate calculations. The tides mix the seas, contribute to the transports of sediment and plankton and control many physical and biological processes in the ocean. They influence the temperature and the salinity as well, of course, as the sea level – the latter particularly in the shelf areas, on coasts and in estuaries like that of the Elbe.

The CliSAP Data Center ICDC („Integrated Climate Data Center“) has now made new, improved tidal data available, which were produced using methods of so-called data assimilation. That means that the computer models were “fed” with observational data to correct them.

As a data center and web portal for climate research, the ICDC offers expertise and help about the appropriate use of high quality data sets. These include in situ observations as well as model and satellite data. The ICDC team combines expertise from the fields of meteorology, oceanography and remote sensing. The colleagues place particular importance on user friendliness and active cooperation with national and international partners. Also on good advising – particularly for students and postdocs in the climate sciences.

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