CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

North German Clusters of Excellence meet at the KlimaCampus


1st Day: PhD Students’ Meeting The graduate schools of the North German Clusters of Excellence want to meet more frequently in the future, as the PhD students from Bremen, Kiel and Hamburg decided at their kick-off conference at the KlimaCampus. The meeting from the 4th to 6th of October was organized and planned by them. Over 90 participants could get acquainted with each other and the respective graduate schools. There were three thematic foci: socio-economical and legal aspects of climate change, earth system modelling as well as biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems.

During the breaks the PhD students discussed their research results, which they presented during poster sessions. Sebastian Sonntag from SICSS won the poster prize for his contribution „Modelling feedback mechanisms between ocean biota and physics“. The prize for best talk was awarded to Achim Rößler (GLOMAR) for his contribution on „Transport and pathways of the subpolar gyre inferred by integral methods“.

A group of young scientists introduced their idea for a new German network. Under the name „Young Earth System Scientists“ (Y.E.S.S.) they want to intensify contacts. The conference was a great success for the PhD students.

2nd Day: Central themes of the Clusters of Excellence

On the second day of the cluster meeting, the scientists discussed the central themes of the three North German Clusters of Excellence. Professors, heads of the Junior Research Groups and postdocs presented their research results. For the first time, the conference at the KlimaCampus devoted a theme block to socio-economical aspects, to which there were contributions from Bremen, Kiel and Hamburg. The scientists observed that a successful cooperation has grown in many areas. For the next meeting in October of 2011 it is planned to set a thematic focus and integrate the PhD students even more.

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