CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Visiting CliSAP’s Geographers: Dr. Kamardine Sinane


Kamardine Sinane comes from Anjouan, one of the islands of the Comoros archipelago located in the Indian Ocean between northwestern Madagascar and the eastern coastline of Africa. From early October to mid-November the Geographer visits Prof. Beate M.W. Ratter and her team.

The capitol of Anjouan: Mutsamudu.

What is your scientific field?
My research examines the relations between local communities and the coastline in Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), especially in the Comoros archipelago.  My focus is on coastal erosion and communities’ perceptions in the context of global climate change.

I am a member of the local Anjouan UMAMA project (project for Environment, Life and Development) and currently working to create a Marine Park on Anjouan in collaboration with the local communities. I am also attached to the “Institut de recherche pour le développement” (IRD).

Why are you visiting Hamburg and the Cluster of Excellence CliSAP?
My stay in Hamburg as a guest of CliSAP is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other scientists who are working on climate change adaptation in the SIDS. Many topics are interesting for me in the context of global climate change and rising sea levels, which pose a huge threat to humanity: human and social capital vs. erosion, resolving conflicts between coastal users, and the politics of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

Who are you working with at CliSAP, and where?
I am working with Prof. Beate M. W. Ratter, who invited me to Hamburg. In her team at the Institute of Geography, I work closely together with Jan Petzold and Arnd Holdschlag, who are researching other small islands: the Isles of Scilly in the UK, and the Bahamas in the Caribbean. I have also had the opportunity to meet many members of the coastal research center at the HZG, who are investigating the Wadden Sea.
You can find me at the Institute of Geography (Geomatikum), Room 705.

What will you take home with you from your trip to Hamburg?
From all these experiences and exchanges with other scientists, I hope to develop better adaptation strategies to climate change and rising sea levels for Anjouan Island, which is suffering from anthropogenic degradation. By collaborating with CliSAP I hope to help solve this problem and reduce the risks and impacts of climate change on the island. Working with other island scientists at CliSAP and comparing Anjouan to other islands threatened by climate change could also result in joint publications and ongoing research partnerships.

Is there something else you want to say – maybe something important I didn’t ask you about?
I would like to thank CliSAP for financing my visit and very much hope to continue my collaboration with Universität Hamburg.    

Kamardine Sinane
Bundesstraße 55, room 705