CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Forests and peatlands - trilateral meeting Russian, French and German scientists meet at the KlimaCampus


An international group of scientists and administrators met at the KlimaCampus over six days to discuss joint research perspectives. The topic was "The climate-regulating role of forest-bog ecosystems: landscape-ecological and social aspects".

The meeting was made possible through the support of the German Research Council, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the French National Centre for Scientific Research. It was organized by Junior Professor Lars Kutzbach of the Institute for Soil Science. Along with representatives of the cluster of excellence CliSAP, the participants included members of the Russian Tomsk State University and the French Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse.

This first workshop served the exchange of experience and practical knowledge concerning the assessment of the carbon balance of forest and bog ecosystems and their role
in regional and global climatic changes. In addition, a research program was conceived to investigate carbon cycles, greenhouse gas emissions and the sustainable development of the forest-bog landscapes of Western Siberia. The topics of the talks included climate aspects of Siberian permafrost, illegal logging, urban planning and agricultural developments. The workshop was supplemented by excursions to north German wetland ecosystems, research institutions and municipal agencies.