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Jürgen Sündermann receives Friendship Award of the Peoples´ Republik of China


Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Sündermann of the Center for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences in Hamburg received the Friendship Award 2009 of the PR China for his many years working towards the cooperation between German and Chinese marine researchers. With this award, Prof. Sündermann was honored for his personal commitment as was the support by the University of Hamburg.

The Friendship Award is the highest award given by the PR China to foreign experts from all areas of society (e.g. economics, social welfare, education, science). This year 100 persons received this award, among them Prof. Sündermann as the only oceanographer.

Since 1986 Prof. Sündermann has been active towards the cooperation with Chinese scientists. At that time he made his first visit to the Shandon College of Oceanography (today Ocean University of China, OUC) in Qingdao and held lectures there. Subsequently, with the support of the German Research Ministry and the Chinese State Oceanic Administration (SOA), he organized a continuing cooperation between the University of Hamburg and the OUC Qingdao in the area of shelf seas research. Later, new cooperations were established with the Second Institute of Oceanography of the SOA in Hangzhou, the Third Institute of Oceanography of the SOA in Xiamen and with the South China Sea Institute in Guangzhou. Scientists and students are still profiting today from this broad cooperation.


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