CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

KlimaCampus Colloquium: "Using Regional Climate Projections for Asia and the Pacific"


Jack Katzfey, CSIRO - Oceans and Atmosphere

Access to scientifically credible climate change information and guidelines have been identified as strong impediments for the robust assessment of risks related to climate change and for effective adaptation planning. To support better knowledge of and adaptation to climate change risks, the Asian Development Bank funded a project for Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand to:

(i) Establish a regional climate consortium,
(ii) Develop a portal for access to climate information products and services, including guidelines on their use,
(iii) Develop the technical capacity building for the development, interpretation and application of climate information including developing case studies on the use of regional climate projections for impact and adaptation assessment,
(iv) Develop a plan for sustainability of the consortium.

This presentation will present the goals of the project and the draft guidelines for the use of regional climate projections for impact and vulnerability assessments.

Diversity and interdisciplinarity – these two keywords are the core of our research at the KlimaCampus Hamburg as well as of our seminar series “KlimaCampus Colloquium”: During the academic term we invite international renowned scientists from various disciplines to present and discuss current challenges in climate research aiming at stimulating communication across the different partner institutes of the KlimaCampus Hamburg. The lectures are held in English, and everybody interested is welcome to attend.


Christina Rieckers (MPI-M) and Meike Ruhnau geb. Demgen (CliSAP/CEN)

Location and Time:
Thursday, 4:15 pm
Bundesstraße 53, room 022/023 (ground floor)

Childcare Service:
We provide a childcare service during the colloquium. Please contact Nicolli Povijac at least 8 days in advance.