CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".
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Past Events

  1. 23.10.2014

    KlimaCampus Colloquium: "The Ten Domains of Climate Ethics"

    Prof. Konrad Ott, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel

    The KlimaCampus Colloquium is a joint event of the KlimaCampus Hamburg, bringing together the participating institutions. Esteemed international scientists talk about new challenges in climate science, while connecting scientific disciplines....

  2. 08.10.2014 - 16.10.2014

    Exhibition: "Art Meets Science""

    In the framework of an unconventional collaboration, seven students from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (HFBK) have shared in the day-to-day research work at CliSAP. The artistic results are presented from 8th to 16th October at the HFBK. On October 18th, the exhibition will be finished with...

  3. 25.09.2014 - 26.09.2014

    CliSAP Retreat in Lübeck

    Our retreat is held on the 25th to the 26th of September 2014 in the Hotel 'Hanseatischer Hof' in Lübeck. In two days we want to discuss recent results and challenges, draw the balance about our research and debate new project ideas and concepts for future developments beyond CliSAP.

  4. 22.09.2014 - 24.09.2014

    Workshop: Climate, Land use and Conflict in Northern Africa

    A workshop on “Northern Africa – Past, Present, and Future Climate Changes” was held in Hamburg in February 2011 to study the dynamics of the natural climate system.  This workshop emphasized lessons learned about the climate of Africa north of the equator from palaeoclimate modelling and...

  5. 13.09.2014

    Science Notes in the Club Uebel & Gefährlich

    SICSS alumni Sebastan Bathiany is one of the climate experts giving a presentation on the Science Notes event in September in Hamburg.

    Come to the club Uebel & Gefährlich, Feldstraße, Hamburg at 8 pm. Entrance is free!
    This is the program
    for the Science Notes on climate change (all talks in German): ...

  6. 04.09.2014 - 05.09.2014

    Workshop: System States and Transition of Tidal Estuaries

    Estuaries – semi-enclosed bodies of water where riverine freshwater mixes with marine waters – are the epitome of transition zones in the Earth system. Estuarine systems bracket the continuum from the non-tidal river end to the coastal regions of freshwater influence (ROFIs). Interfacing land and...

  7. 03.07.2014

    KlimaCampus Colloquium: "Clouds, Aerosols and Climate"

    Dr. Andrew Gettelman, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder (Colorado, USA)

    The KlimaCampus Colloquium is an event of the KlimaCampus Hamburg at which members of the particpating institions come together. Esteemed international scientists talk about new challenges in climate science,...