CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Articles in 2017

Once a month, climate researchers report on their latest findings in the newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt". Read the articles in 2013:

Global climate change conferences: sending an important signal
The sociologist Stefan Aykut has explored the negotiations during the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. What he’s found: the agreements produced by these conferences aren’t the only key to their success. Read more.

Plankton from 1920 – reviving tiny algae from their long slumber
Marine biologist Jana Hinners woke up dinoflagellate cells that are about 100 years old. Read more.

China: Climate Protection as a Side Effect 
Sociology Professor Anita Engels focused the question how effective the Chinese efforts are? Read more.

Rain catchers out at sea
Geoscientist Christian Klepp is developing a new dataset based on extensive measurements, which he is gathering on board research ships with the help of specially designed equipment. Read more

Like small blenders in the sea: offshore wind turbines
Dozens of wind turbines, each over 100 meters tall, produce renewable electricity for our households. Dr. Jens Floeter researchs how these farms disturb marine ecosystems, or if they actually have a positive effect? Read more

Nuclear waste disposal sites: Why the next ice age plays a role
The geophysicist Prof. Dr. Christian Hübscher at Universität Hamburg’s Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability currently is researching seismic ground motion and geological deformations. Read more

Extreme temperatures: Europe is heating, Turkey is cooling
Meteorologist Christian Franzke discovered a surprising result while reexaming data sets on local extreme temperatures. He is currently analyzing results from the monitoring station in Hamburg. Read more

When the tundra chases the taiga
Prof. Martin Claußen investigated how climate changes affect vegetation like tundra or taiga. Read more

Stable treeline: How a valley in the Himalayas is defying climate change
Geographers Niels Schwab and Birgit Bürzle investigated the treeline around Beding. Read more

Weather forecasts for Pakistani farmers
The agricultural economist Muhammad Abid interviewed farmers in Pakistan about climate change. Read more

Witnesses of the wind: what the grains of sand in a dune can tell us
Geologist Sebastian Lindhorst used the sand deposits in a wandering dune to reconstruct how hard the wind blew in the past. Read more.

Corinna Schrum is an oceanographer analyses how climate change affects the North Sea. How is climate change affecting the North Sea? Read more