CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Press releases

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Accurate mapping of megacity illegal growth - a promising method (PDF)


Offenes Wasser um den Nordpol: Arktisches Meereis auf dem Rückzug (PDF)

Der Kaffee-Sahne-Effekt und andere Turbulenzen: Universität Hamburg und Bremen erforschen Energieaustausch in Ozean und Atmosphäre (PDF)

Higher waves further jeopardize the Arctic (PDF)

    • Video recording of the press conference at the annual „European Geosciences Union“ (EGU) general assembly
    • Figure 1: Characteristic pattern: wave-fractured Arctic sea ice ©UHH/CEN/ M. Dobrynin
    • Figure 2: The average projected wave height increase due to the current average summer minimum (2000-2010) compared with future summers (2090-2100), white=sea ice, the average wave height at the North Pole will range between one and two meters ©UHH/CEN/ M. Dobrynin
    • Figure 3: Wave-induced stress in the seabed: shallow and coastal regions are particularly affected by higher waves (red and yellow). ©UHH/CEN/ M. Dobrynin

Insgesamt 5,6 Millionen Euro für Vorhersagesystem für Fischpopulationen (PDF)

Einladung zur Konferenz Energielandschaften Norddeutschland Energiewende im Raum" (PDF)