CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Your Doctoral Curriculum

As a SICSS doctoral candidate you will address your own specific research question in one of the CliSAP research groups. You will be part of an interdisciplinary network of climate scientists and professionals. This network gives you the opportunity to closely cooperate with different disciplines and institutions.

During your doctoral term SICSS offers you a variety of seminars, mentoring programs and a very individual support by the SICSS office team. SICSS also supports you in case you would like to attend scientific conferences and summer schools to get in touch with other scientists and professionals and to establish up your personal network.

Support your doctorate

An advisory panel system supports all SICSS doctoral candidates throughout their doctoral term. Every doctoral researcher will be coached by a personal advisory panel consisting of three scientific advisors.

Your principal advisor assists you with the development of your research outline and a timetable. Regular meetings with your advisory panel allow for a progress monitoring enabling you to constantly advance and enhance your thesis, ultimately ensuring submission of your thesis within three years.

Our annual retreat

During three-day annual retreat all SICSS doctoral candidates introduce their projects and findings. This is a unique platform to meet other SICSS members, to establish networks, and to find corresponding research topics.

This annual retreat usually focuses on one relevant, highly discussed topic related to climate research. Selected advisors, principal investigators and keynote speakers are invited for lectures and will engage in plenary discussions with the doctoral candidates.

The three day annual retreat usually takes place in a location in or near Hamburg. 

Enhance your skills

During your doctoral term you have the opportunity to enhance your skills – whenever you feel it is required?

SICSS lets you choose between a variety of soft skills courses like academic writing or communication and presentation skills. Various technical skills courses, for example visualization or programming add to a comprehensive doctoral term.

The program also offers you excursions to various climate research institutions in Hamburg and its vicinity.

For upcoming courses and events please check the SICSS calendar or contact the SICSS office.

Map your career

The SICSS-UNICA program supports students and graduates in their career planning. Please check the UNICA website or contact the SICSS office for the program outline. 

The Career Center of Universität Hamburg offers a diverse course and workshop program and individual support. Its program is aimed towards all students enrolled, all doctoral candidates and young scientists. Please check the Career Center website for more information.

Universität Hamburg also offers KOMPASS - a career development program.