CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

SICSS Students about Climate and their time at COP21

The excited group before leaving for Paris

Eleven students from the CliSAP graduate school have been attending the negotiations and spent an exciting time observing international climate politics. Some of them share their experiences and insights from their time in Paris.

SICSS blog from Paris

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Aman, 24 years, MSc student at SICSS

“I came to Paris because the climate change problem fascinates me intellectually, from mitigation technologies to international politics. Emotionally, it raises deep concerns for my country India where millions of poor will be severely hit by the impacts. Most of my friends in India often worry about local environmental problems like air pollution, deforestation and ecosystem loss through rapid urbanization, but realize that recent extreme events may be due to the changing climate. For others, climate change is far from daily life.”

Daniele, 30 years, doctoral candidate at SICSS

Profile Picture Daniele Vieira do Nascimento

“I live in Germany since four years and I have the impression Germans (the ones I know) are very much involved with the "green" trend. In Brazil, on the other hand, I think many people have other priorities and problems to care about such as increasing inflation, corruption and unemployment. I came to Paris to join the Brazilian delegation as an expert observer. At the COP21 my deepest concern is that financial commitments for adaptation and mitigation actions in developing countries may be not sufficient.”

Felix, 24 years, MSc student at SICSS

“I can understand people who are not too much interested in climate change. For many, it is opaque, partly frustrating and far away from their everyday lives. I think as scientists we have the opportunity to inform the society about the options how to deal with the consequences of climate change. I would like to contribute to this understanding - perhaps at one of the future COPs.”

Julius, 26 years, MSc student at SICSS

“As the consequences of the so-called climate problem are affecting the entire world, they have the potential to unite the global community in finding solutions. My hope is that the inevitable preoccupation with the climate problem will finally open our eyes and in the long term lead to a more conscious relationship with nature and its resources. I am sure that the key can’t be found at the COP in Paris, but it can perhaps attract the necessary attention for it. "

Lukas, 25 years, MSc student at SICSS

“Not as a student, but as a world citizen, I am naturally interested in the most ambitious climate agreement. And here I have the unique opportunity to follow the negotiations live! The mood here whether such an agreement arises is balanced. We hear very optimistic and rather pessimistic posts. It will be exciting until the end.”

Maike, 26 years, MSc student at SICSS

"Climate change is an extreme challenge - but also a great opportunity to work together and to break new ground. I think that the potential for positive change has not been used, yet. Nevertheless, it feels to me here that the COP21 is at least a small chance to kick off a change.”

Rebecca, 24 years, MSc student at SICSS

„For me, the COP21 is not only a climate summit, but also a global peace conference – it’s about the implementation of global justice. Negotiations let me realize that all people together need to take this challenge into their hands. Ultimately it’s about the mediation between the economic objectives and the peaceful use of our environment and its resources.”