CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Study Integrated Climate System Sciences at SICSS

SICSS offers a well-structured study program in climate system sciences consisting of an internationally recognized Master of Science (MSc) and a doctoral degree. Both, MSc and doctoral programs are offered in English.

SICSS will surround you with international students and renowned scientists from various disciplines.

SICSS offers courses in climate-related natural, social and economic sciences. The number of students is limited, allowing for an easy access to the instructors and creating an individual learning environment.

The SICSS Office team will support you in all upcoming questions related to your study program at Universität Hamburg, supporting you right from the time of enrollment,  until you will have successfully completed your degree.

"I have always wanted to study abroad while I was doing my bachelor in meteorology. When I came across SICSS, I figured it to be the perfect fit. I would get a “study-abroad” experience while I further my education in integrated climate sciences. As the climate system is comprised of many different components, it is essential to understand the key concepts of each of them. I am not aware of other programs that do that quite like SICSS. And Hamburg is a great city and has many great research facilities that come in handy for your studies."

Samantha Borth, Msc alumna from USA

Tuition and other costs

For students enrolled at Universität Hamburg there is no tuition to be paid. However, there are other fees:

The semester fee at Universität Hamburg currently amounts to 310 Euros. Upon receipt of this fee the university will issue your semester documents, including a pass for the public transport system in Hamburg. Doctoral candidates at SICSS can be exempted from paying the semester fees.

More information at the Campus Center