CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Integrated Knowledge in Climate Research: Assessing the Epistemological Basis of Interdisciplinary Modeling

The project investigates the epistemological basis of interdisciplinary collaboration at CliSAP. From a philosophy of science perspective, it focuses on questions of integrated modeling. It will be examined which approaches to interdisciplinary model integration are practiced in CliSAP, whether integration steps between certain disciplines can create semantic problems and whether there are disciplinary forms of knowledge where interdisciplinary numerical modeling is of limited use.

For this purpose, the project analyses climate science problems characterized by an interweaving of natural and social systems. Here, the causal chain of global warming, local changes of the sea level or precipitation and the reactions of the affected societies in the economy, migration patterns or conflict behavior can serve as an example. In addition, research projects are examined which use integrated numerical models to a smaller extent or not at all.


In a first step, the epistemological foundations of the disciplines involved will be worked out. Therefore, interviews will be conducted with CliSAP scientists from different research projects. After these epistemological profiles are defined, their compatibility will be investigated in a second step. In a third step, the potential consequences for integrated numerical modeling in CliSAP will be determined. The results will be summarized in an internal report.


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