CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

CEN Information on Funding Information #10/2018


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Overview: Upcoming Deadlines

New in this Newsletter:

04 January 2019              
> Scientific Exchange 2019: UHH – Fudan University, Shanghai

15 January 2019             
> Funding for Junior Research Groups Working on “Water – Research for Sustainable Resource Use”

28 January 2019             
> FAPESP-Hamburg-Funding: Cooperation Between UHH and São Paulo

31 March 2019
> DFG: German-Israeli Project Cooperation

05 April 2019                    
> DFG: German-Argentinian Cooperation in Research
> UHH – North America Funding: university Funding Lines Now Online

A description of the here listed programs can be found in the former newsletters and on the individual websites.

29 November 2018        
> BMBF Bioeconomy (NFSB): New Biotech Processes on the Basis of Marine Resources – BioProMare

03 December 2018         
> DFG-RSF Cooperation: Possibility for Joint German-Russian Project Proposals in all Fields of Science

Without deadline           
> Start-Up Funding for VNU Researchers

> DFG Research Fellowships

> Reinhart Koselleck Projects

31 December 2020         
> Helmholtz Association (HFG) Call for Horizon 2020 Proposals

> BMBF (PRIMA) Funding for Collaborations with Eastern and Southern Mediterranean Partners

31 January 2019              
> BMBF/ FONA: Regional Information on Climate Action (RegIKlim)

03 January 2019              
> DFG Communicator Award 2019

Open Calls


Scientific Exchange 2019: UHH – Fudan University, Shanghai

The Department of International Affairs announced funding grants for research stays at Fudan University, Shanghai for up to a month. The program is mainly aimed at postdocs. In exceptional cases Fudan University also accepts PhD students.
If you are interested in an exchange, please send us your application until 4 January 2019 including the following documents: A short project proposal including the contact person, which has been identified as a partner at Fudan University (max. 1 page). A short resume and three relevant publications for the cooperation.

The email should be addressed to Antje Katzschner (
For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to the Department of International Affairs.
Deadline: 04 January 2019

Funding for Junior Research Groups Working on “Water – Research for Sustainable Resource Use”

The Kurt-Eberhard-Bode Foundation funds junior research groups working on sustainable use of water. Research projects may focus on water and land use, water and soil or water and climate, among others. The objective of the funding initiative is to strengthen research on water resource management, which is considered a key discipline for future sustainable development.
Deadline: 15 January 2019
> Further Information (in German only)

FAPESP-Hamburg-Funding: Cooperation Between UHH and São Paulo

FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) and Universität Hamburg (UHH) signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on 19 June 2018, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from the Universität Hamburg, Germany, and from the State of São Paulo, Brazil, through the funding of joint research projects. FAPESP and UHH make this Call

for Proposals for the exchange of faculty and postdoctoral researchers. All questions from Universität Hamburg researchers related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to Universität Hamburg, Department of International Affairs, Section Strategy and Partnerships (Ref. 51).
Deadline: 28 January 2019
> Further Information

DFG: German-Israeli Project Cooperation

Participant institutions in Israel are invited to submit proposals, which may come from all fields of science and research. Proposals shall be so designed as to be carried out in close cooperation between the Israeli and the German project partners. The first stage of application takers place in Israel. Institutions there are responsible for the selection of pre-proposals. The second stage takes place in Germany where the DFG will organize a review of 14 full proposals.
Deadline: 31 March 2019
> Further Information

DFG: German-Argentinian Cooperation in Research

The DFG and the national Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) have opened the third call for proposals to fund joint German-Argentinian research projects. Projects from various areas of research may apply, among them geosciences.
Deadline: 05 April 2019
> Further Information

UHH – North America Funding: university Funding Lines Now Online

The Universität Hamburg introduces university funding lines to foster cooperation with North American partners. There are various funding opportunities for thematic workshops, cooperative projects, staff exchange, and research exchange. The Department of International Affairs not only provides financial support for these programs, but also coordinates and supports the administration of the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) and thematic workshops programs.
> Further Information