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Today, we like to draw your attention to work done by our CliSAP Alumnus Mike Schäfer, an open position for a student helper and career development possibilities at Universität Hamburg.

Work of CliSAP Alumnus Mike Schäfer

Climate change communication has a long history in Germany, where the so-called “climate catastrophe” has received widespread public attention from the 1980s onwards. The article reviews climate change communication and the respective research in the country over the last decades. First, it provides a socio-political history of climate change communication in Germany. It shows how scientists were successful in setting the issue on the public and policy agendas early on, how politicians and the media emphasized the climate change threat, how corporations abstained from interventions into the debate and how skeptical voices, as a result, remained marginalized. Second, the article reviews scholarship on climate change communication in Germany. It shows how research on the issue has expanded since the mid-2000s, highlights major strands and results, as well as open questions and ongoing debates.

Read online: Schäfer, Mike S. (online first): Climate Change Communication in Germany. in Nisbet, Matthew, Shirley Ho, Ezra Markowitz, Saffron O'Neill, Mike S. Schäfer & Jagadish Thaker (Eds., in prep. for 2018): Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication. New York: Oxford University Press. (DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228620.013.448).

Open positions at CEN

Studentische Hilfskraft für die Forschungskoordination im CliSAP/CEN Office gesucht:
Ab 1. September für 40 Stunden/Monat, erst einmal für 6 Monate

Career development

*UHH Staff only* Q*WIN Career Development Program for Young Researchers:
Universität Hamburg offers the broad qualification program Q*WIN that is designed for postdoctoral researchers. Q*WIN comprises workshops, individual advising services and the BROWN BAG career series. The workshop program is thematically structured into three Qualification Fields consisting of three Areas of Competence each. PhDs and Postdocs can participate in workshops on various topics in German and English.
Program for PhDs
Program for Postdocs

Funding opportunities

Project funding

DFG Second Call for Proposals to Foster German-Argentinean Collaboration:

The DFG, the Argentinean Ministry for Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCYT) and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) are pleased to announce the second call for proposals to fund joint German-Argentinean research projects in the areas of physical chemistry, materials sciences, geosciences, oceanography, immunology, neurosciences, as well as social sciences and humanities.
Deadline: October 5th


DAAD-Preis 2016 für herausragende internationale Studierende:
Supervisors and professors can nominate outstanding students from foreign countries.
Deadline EXTENDED: July 31th (send to Ms. Otilia Dias,


  • November 22, 2016, 15.30-19.00, CCH Hamburg Dammtor: „Wissen scha(f)ft Kongresse – Kongressorganisation leicht gemacht“ - Für Rückfragen und Anmeldungen steht Ihnen Frau Nina Alswede vom Hamburg Convention Bureau entweder per Email oder telefonisch unter 040 300 51 656 gerne zur Verfügung.