CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".
  1. 21.10.2015

    Ocean salinity – the key to the global water cycle?

    Last week, about 80 oceanographers from around the globe gathered at Hamburg’s Museum für Völkerkunde to discuss the latest findings on “salinity and freshwater changes in the ocean.” The four-day conference was organized by DFG Research Group 1740 “Atlantic Freshwater Cycle,” which is coordinated...

  2. 20.10.2015

    Fegebank am KlimaCampus Hamburg

    Kennenlernbesuch der Hamburger Wissenschaftssenatorin Katharina Fegebank am KlimaCampus Hamburg: Um sich einen besseren Überblick über die vielfältigen wissenschaftlichen Aktivitäten mit Bezug zur Klima- und Anpassungsforschung in Hamburg zu verschaffen, traf sich Fegebank am Montag am Deutschen...

  3. 23.09.2015


    BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme preannounces a competitive BONUS call 2015: Blue Baltic worth a minimum of EUR 30 million to open on Monday, 9 November 2015. Proposals submitted by the deadline of 10 March 2016 will be able to apply for 3-year projects and up to EUR 3...