CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Monitoring the Daily Climate Debate Online

Michael Brüggemann (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change)
Ana Ivanova (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change)
Alexander Sängerlaub (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change)
Remon Sadikni (Integrated Climate Data Center - ICDC)
Stefanie Walter (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change)

For large parts of the general public media are the central source of information about climate change, and today people are increasingly turning to the online services offered by classic and newer media providers in order to stay informed. Therefore, analyses of online reporting are important for the understanding of how climate change is constructed in public debates.

To contribute to this goal an Online Media Monitor for climate change is being developed. This will result in a website offering CliSAP-members an access to data of an automated daily updated monitoring of the climate debate in online media. The project will thus expand the available social-scientific data on climate change.

While the worldwide online climate reporting analysis from news sites is still under development, the first part of the Online Media Monitor is already accessible: the ongoing Twitter analysis, which can be found on the ICDC website.

Further details of the project proposal can be found in this PDF document in german.

For project news, please visit our blog.

Duration and Funding: 2015-2016, Cluster of Excellence "CliSAP", CliSAP Idea Contest 2015