CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".
  1. 07.09.2015

    Arctic sea ice not recovering—extent tracking below last year’s

    Hamburg/Bremerhaven, Germany: Even before the annual summer minimum, typically seen in mid-to-late September, the Arctic sea ice covers 4,35 million square kilometers. The Northeast and Northwest Passages are mostly ice-free already. Scientists from Universität Hamburg and the Alfred Wegener...

  2. 21.08.2015

    Large-scale offshore wind parks offer a cooling effect on land

    The principle is as old as the windmill: if the wind is strong enough, the blades start turning, converting the moving air’s energy into mechanical energy. Today’s turbines use the same approach to produce electricity, accounting for more than eight percent of Germany’s energy mix – and that number...

  3. 28.07.2015

    Returning to Climate Science: CliSAP now awarding scholarships

    If you had to interrupt your research for a longer period—perhaps to take care of children or relatives—you may find it difficult to regain a foothold in academia. To improve your chances, the CliSAP cluster of excellence is financing up to two scholarships. The application deadline is 15 October...

  4. 27.07.2015

    Intact natural habitats help to reduce greenhouse gases

    Corn and canola as far as the eye can see – plants that are processed into biogas and biodiesel can be found in many agricultural fields throughout Europe. Bioenergy is considered to be a climate-friendly solution, because during combustion plants release only the amount of carbon dioxide that they...

  5. 16.07.2015

    World Map with Island Data

    Now anyone interested in exploring the diverse range of small islands visually can use an interactive online world map. For the first time, the Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) at the Cluster of Excellence CliSAP has integrated data from the business and social sciences.

  6. 14.07.2015

    Barium in microfossils confirms climatic changes in the Mediterranean

    News from Climate Science: Once a month, climate researchers report on their latest findings in the newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt". Valerie Menke is a geologist whose work currently focuses on using microscopic life forms to reconstruct climatic changes that took place in the Mediterranean during...