1. 01.06.2018

    Climate pros “made in Hamburg”: 10 years of SICSS Graduate School

    They hail from India and Russia, Brazil, Iran and Germany, and after finishing their studies they work in e.g. Africa, the Americas or Europe: climate professionals “made in Hamburg.” Over the past decade, more than 200 students have completed their Master’s or PhD in climate research at Universität...

  2. 26.01.2018

    CEN Graduation Ceremony

    11 PhD and 4 MSc ICSS Graduates participated in the grand CEN Graduation Ceremony and received their CEN certificates. Afterwards, they celebrated with all the other graduates during the CEN reception in the Geological-Paleontological Museum


  3. 22.03.2017

    Weather forecasts for Pakistani farmers

    The agricultural economist Muhammad Abid interviewed farmers in Pakistan about climate change. Some farmers are already adapting, but there is a lack of support in many places.