What's New in Climate Science?

Once a month, CliSAP researchers present their projects in Hamburg’s daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt. Read about our academics’ latest discoveries!

The energy transition: When maize fields become a bone of contention
In the course of the energy transition, the proportion of renewable energy in Germany has increased significantly in recent years. But the wind turbines, biogas plants and solar parks this change entails have repeatedly come under criticism. Can such conflicts be avoided? Read more.

The North Sea – portrayed by 300,000 data sets
The North Sea is changing—not only for the worse. But even a positive trend may mean extra hours for scientists. An article by oceanographer Iris Hinrichs.  Read more.

Global climate change conferences: sending an important signal
The sociologist Stefan Aykut has explored the negotiations during the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. What he’s found: the agreements produced by these conferences aren’t the only key to their success. Read more.

Plankton from 1920 – reviving tiny algae from their long slumber
Marine biologist Jana Hinners woke up dinoflagellate cells that are about 100 years old. Read more.