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Workshop on Proposal Writing

24.11.2014 - 26.11.2014

"What applicants need to know to be successful" - An Introduction to the German and European research funding system, with special emphasis on the Horizon2020 program of the EU.

Lecturer: Dr. Werner Klotzbücher, ICCK, former Max Planck Group Leader

Credits: 0.5 CP for each day

Location: Grindelberg 5, room 1012

Dates: 24.11. or 25.11. and 26.11.2014

Time: 9:00-16:00

Duration: Block course, of which day 1 or day 2 plus day 3 can be booked.

Language: English

Educational concept: Workshop with participatory practical training.

Learning outcomes

Students will learn about the German and European funding system and how to write an own proposal. Individual counselling is possible on the third day.


On Monday, 24. and Tuesday 25. Nov. the identical program will be offered.

The seminar on the funding systems covers:

  • the German system of research organisations
  • the German system of rese arch funding
  • regional, national and international research funding plus foundations
  • funding of graduate studies and research visits
  • EU research funding: viewpoints, evaluators and the commission
  • Marie Curie / collaborative research / ERC - all the steps from an idea to project execution
  • understanding the possibilities of the Participation Portal

On Wednesday morning, 26.11. Werner Klotzbücher will go with attendants of the previous seminars through successful Marie Curie and Cooperative Project applications in detail.

Subsequently, he offers individual counseling to improve drafts of proposals or previously rejected proposals.

Formal requirements for participation

Please register in two steps:

  1. Step: Day 1 (Monday) or Day 2 (Tuesday)
  2. Step: Day 3 (Wednesday): Please indicate, if you plan to submit a proposal in the near future (type of proposal, funding agency) or if your proposal has been submitted and was rejected (when, type of proposal, funding agency). Admitted participants for counseling will receive special instructions begin of November.

Course usability

Elective for SICSS and IMPRS doctoral candidates.
Day 1 or 2: no limitation to number
Day 3: If registrations outnumber available places, we will give preferential access to those who are in the process of writing a proposal. The number of participants for counseling is limited to 12 (SICSS and IMPRS)!


SICSS Office (Ingo Harms) & IMPRS (Antje Weitz)