CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Scientific Writing I


This course addresses all doctoral candidates who are in the planning phase or in the process of writing a paper.

Day 1 (5.11.15)

  • Morning session: Structure of a scientific paper: This session provides an overview on the structure of scientific papers. Focus is on the content of different parts of a scientific paper (e.g. abstract, introduction, conclusions). Lecturer: tbd
  • Afternoon session: Individual abstract discussion: Participants analyze their own submitted abstract with respect o the presentation of the science. Lecturer: tbd

Day 2 (10.11.15)

  • Morning session: On the character of the English language: Beyond vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, each language features its very own characteristics. Although these idiosyncrasies significantly contribute to an authentic language style they are seldom reflected on in their own right when acquiring a second language. Our approach deliberately begins with these notable yet unconventional considerations while also taking socio-cultural influences on the choice of words, the construction of sentences and paragraphs into account. Together we will identify what makes the English language truly English and thus enable you to produce genuine English. Lecturer: Kimberly Crow
  • Afternoon session: The art of English academic writing: Learning about “The art of English academic writing” begins with a reflection on what is expected of such a text in respect to its general structure as well as chapter, paragraph and sentence structures and word choices. These patterns significantly differ from those of papers written in other languages and socio-cultural traditions and must be brought to the forefront of attention when setting out to compose any kind of written academic document. Each aspect will be explored by means of authentic English scientific examples, which also take the characteristics of the English language into account. Lecturer: Kimberly Crow

Day 3 (11.11.15)

  • Whole day: The art of English academic writing (individual abstract discussion): After having covered the typical features each participant will have the opportunity to present a piece of their own, new writing and receive feedback on how well the guidelines were followed and how to further improve their writing skills. The participants will furthermore be supplied with lists of words used in various parts of a paper and thus enabling them to enlarge their vocabulary base and to write in a more varied style. A list of further reading and relevant electronic sources for finding and retaining new vocabulary will be provided. Lecturer: Kimberly Crow

Day 4 (3.12.15)

  • Morning session: The process of publishing: Editors or Co-editors report on the publication policy of scientific journals. They give information on different review criteria, on how to deal with reviewers’ comments and on dos and don’ts when re-submitting. Lecturers: V. Lucarini, tbd.
  • Morning and afternoon session: What did we learn? Participants present their revised abstracts. The session is open for individual questions and discussions. Lecturers: J. Baehr, A. Beckmann, K. Crow, tbd.

Lecturers: Johanna Baehr, Aike Beckmann, Kimberley Crow, NN

Location: Grindelberg 5, room 1012

Time: 05.11.15, 10.+11.11.15, 3.12.15 // 9:00-17:00

Credits: 3 CP

Coordinator: SICSS Office (Ingo Harms)

Learning outcomes: Students will learn practical matters of structure, technique and process of scientific writing. Each module focuses on specific topics.

Educational concept: Workshop with participatory practical training

Language: English

Formal requirements for participation: Sufficient command of the English language in reading, writing and speaking. Participants have to submit an abstract or a scientific summary by 12. Oct. to the SICSS Office. The summary can be for an article or conference contribution.
Please also indicate in your registration whether you are likely to have a full manuscript ready by the end of February 2015.

Course usability: Elective for SICSS and IMPRS doctoral candidates. Writing course I is intended as preparation for writing course II by Dallas Murphy in March 2016. Participants in Writing Course I will have a preferred admittance for Writing Course II.