CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Climate-Conflict Linkages

The first research theme continues the analysis of climate-conflict linkages with a focus on identified or potential climate-change related security ‘hot spots’, as well as the wider effects of such conflict on regional and international security. The research of the CliSAP research group led by J. Scheffran will be linked to research in topic A-2 in order to refine predictions of how global warming might affect Northern Africa (Brovkin et al. 1998; Claussen et al. 2003; Claussen 2009). The research on Northern Africa and the Mediterranean region will be complemented by work on climate-induced migration (C. Jakobeit) and resource-scarcity related intercommunal conflicts in Sahel countries (M. Basedau; Basedau/Lay 2009); research regarding sustainable groundwater management and the conditions for resource conflicts at local level and across different societal scales (M. Schnegg) using anthropological methods (Schnegg et al 2011) and analysis from the perspective of genocide studies (Zimmerer 2007). Additional complementary regional research will focus on resource conflicts in the Amazon region (M. Neuburger, in collaboration with B-2 and C-3) and Southern Asia (J. Scheffran in collaboration with A-3 and C-2). Integrating these activities will allow a better understanding about the interaction between climate-induced environmental changes in specific locations and provide analytical tools for the analysis of climate-security hot spots in other locations worldwide.