CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

1st CVAS Workshop

What do we know about multicentennial, multimillenial variability?

28-30 November 2016, Hamburg, Germany

The workshop will be organized around case studies presented by experts; we aim at six one hour tutorials on the paleo side and six on the nonlinear side. The paleo part will focus on the data types most relevant for 100-10kyr time scale variability, with emphasis on common data problems such as high variability, missing data, irregularly spaced data, relations between proxies and climate variables. These problems could be explored in the context of specific proxy types such as:

  1. Sea Ice/sediments
  2. Isotopes in ice cores
  3. Dendrochronology

Also to be discussed are the corresponding archives, (present and perspectives) and relevance for the issues of climate forcings and responses.

The nonlinear side, would focus on specific data analysis tools such as scaling time series analyses, with extensions to the corresponding space-time analyses.  There will be an exposition of pertinent formalisms and paradigms for processes with variability spanning wide ranges of space-time scales, (scaling, fractal, multifractal processes), as well as specific models for the space time variability. Specific themes include:

  1. Spectral and (real space) fluctuation analysis
  2. Scaling analyses including characterization of intermittency and extremes
  3. Scaling models and formalisms
  4. Linearity versus nonlinearity in climate models and responses


The workshop programme is here: Programme

The abstracts can be found here: Abstracts


Invited speakers are:

Dr. Louise Sime (British Antarctic Survey)

Dr. Thomas Laepple (Alfred Wegener Institute)

Prof. Gunnar Spreen (University of Bremen)

Prof. Peter Ditlevsen (University of Kopenhagen)

Prof. Costas Varotsos (Athens University)

Prof. Joel Guiot (Aix-Marseille Université)


In order to attend you need to get an invitation.

Please contact Shaun Lovejoy ( or Christian Franzke ( if you want to attend.

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