CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

What we do for Equal Opportunity

What we do for Equal Opportunity, what our motivations are, and what scientist, who were supported by our measures, think about our work. Watch the interviews!

The Gender Task Force

What does the Gener Task Force of CliSAP do to improve Equal Opportunity? Prof. Dr. Beate Ratter and Nicolli Povijac report about their work and the motivations that stand behind it.

Prof. Dr. Beater Ratter is chair of the Gender Task Force and Participating Researcher at CliSAP

Nicolli Povijac is Equal Opportunity Officer at CliSAP.

Combining Family and Career

Combining familiy and career could be difficult in science. Dr. Benjamin Bechtel shares his experiences on how to deal with it and what measures of CliSAP helped him.

Dr. Benjamin Bechtel is Participating Researcher at CliSAP.

Eldercare and Care of Relatives

CliSAP wants to support its scientists, who have to care for their realtives. Johanna Matzat take use of the support and relates her expericence with the help offered by CliSAP.

Johanna Matzat is doctoral candidate at CliSAP.