CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Official Side-Event: social sience know-how

Key findings on the importance of social science research for understanding climate change induced migration were presented at an official COP21-Side-Event. Prof. Jürgen Scheffran has been part of an international team investigating that topic in an empirical and theoretical way for four years. The event met with lively interest from conference visitors and was documented on film:

Jürgen Scheffran

The Geographer is Head of the CliSAP Research Group Climate Change and Security and gave a talk at the Side-Event. He focused on the question: What do we know about the root causes of climate migration? Scheffran referred to studies finding climate change to be a threat multiplier, but underscored the multicausal and complex nature of migration, calling for sophisticated models to constructively analyze the complex climate-migration-conflict nexus.

Janpeter Schilling

The Postdoctoral Researcher in Scheffran's Research Group also attended the Side-Event. In the run-up to the climate conference he spoke to the german online-radio

Sarah Nash

The political scientist is working on the nexus of climate change and human mobility as well. Even though she didn't go to Paris with Scheffran and Schilling, Nash is following the negotiations very closely to analyze how the issue of human mobility is treated. She wrote down her observations regarding COP21.