CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

CliSAP funded Workshops

CliSAP supports the organization of conferences, workshops and symposia. Twice a year, the call for funding is announced. All CliSAP scientists are entitled to apply for funding. The proposals are collected by the CliSAP research coordination. In January 2017, the CliSAP Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) decided on the applications within the last CliSAP call for workshops and visiting scientists.

See also the information on visiting scientists, supported by CliSAP.


Workshop Title Applicant (CliSAP) Research Area Period
Climate Change, Decarbonization and the Urban Energy Transition Jürgen Oßenbrügge, Jürgen Scheffran B5, C1 12.-13.10
Improved satellite retrievals of sea-ice concentration and sea-ice thickness for climate applications - partly funded Stefan Kern, Dirk Notz IA, B1 9.-11.10
4th International Conference on Earth System Modelling (4ICESM) - partly funded (website) Annette Kirk, Simone Rödder A 28.08.-01.09.
Re-defining the Boundaries of Science and Journalism in the Debate on Climate Michael Brüggemann C 21.-23.06.
Geometric Methods for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Climate Modeling Gualtiero Badin, Jörn Behrens A1, A2, A3, CRG Numerical Methods in Geosciences 06.-09.06.
Human Mobility in the Antrophocene (announcement) Christiane Fröhlich, Delf Rothe B, C 01.-02.06.
1st Hamburg Workshop on Agent-based Modeling of Environmental Challenges and Climate Policy (website with program & speakers, news) Sascha Hokamp, Hermann Held, Jürgen Scheffran C 10.-11.03.
Climate change from the audience and online user perspective (Authors workshop on a book, announcement) Irene Neverla C3 02.-03.02.


Workshop Title Applicant (CliSAP) Research Area Period
Climate Variability Across Scales (CVAS) (announcement) Christian Franzke, Eduardo Zorita A 28.-30.11.
The coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea under climate change – synthesis of German and polish strategies for development and prediction (announcement) Jürgen Sündermann, Hans von Storch, Corinna Schrum, Thomas Pohlmann B 11.-12.10.
Data Analysis and Modeling in Earth Sciences (DAMES) conference (report) Valerio Lucarini A1, A2, A3, C4, IA2 26.-28.09.
11th CLM-Assembly 2016 Frauke Feser, Burkhardt Rockel B4, IA3 20.-23.09.
Volcanic Ash as an Active Agent in the Earth system (VA³): Combining models and experiments (announcement, report on, report on Gholam Ali Hoshyaripour, Matthias Hort, Jens Hartmann A, B 12. -13.09.
Bornoe Workshop 2016 (report) Carsten Eden C3 25. -29.07.
Down to Earth Workshop Michael Brüggemann C 04. -08.07.
Shelf sea dynamics and deep overflows – a scientific afternoon honoring the work of Prof. Jan Backhaus and Prof. Detlef Quadfasel Kerstin Jochumsen 04.03.
3rd CliSAP Workshop Arctic and Permafrost (announcement, report) Lars Kaleschke B1 24.-26.02.
Workshop mit Mitgliedern der AK Permafrost Iuliia Antcibor 22.-23.01.


Workshop Title Applicant (CliSAP) Research Area
Open Science Conference on Salinity and Freshwater Changes in the Ocean Detlef Stammer, Meike Demgen A3
10. Deutsche Klimatagung Martin Claußen A
The future of the Nordic Seas Carsten Eden B3
Workshop mit Mitgliedern der AK Permafrost Iuliia Antcibor B1
Managing Coastal Change and Climate Vulnerability: Questions of Space, Place and Landscape Cormac Walsh, Beate Ratter C3
Third International Quality Controlled Ocean Database (IQuOD) Workshop Viktor Gouretski ICDC
Scales and Scaling in the climate system: Bridging theory, climate models and data Christian Franzke A1
Predictability, Instability and Extremes Valerio Lucarini, Christian Franzke, Richard Blender A1, A2
Gendering a sustainable future: Migration, Conflict and Climate Change Christiane Fröhlich, Giovanna Gioli C4, CRG CLISEC
33. Jahrestagung Arbeitskreis "Geographie der Meere und Küsten" Michael Link CRG CLISEC


Workshop title Applicant (CliSAP) Research Area
Fundamental Processes of Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics Gualtiero Badin A3
Climate, Land Use and Conflict in Northern Africa Michael Brzoska, Martin Claußen, Jürgen Scheffran A2, C4, CRG CLISEC
Panel series: Climate Change, Complex Emergencies and Genocide auf der 4th Global Conference on Genocide Jürgen Zimmerer C4
International Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness Inter-Comparison and Evaluation Workshop Stefan Kern, Detlef Stammer, Felix Ament IA 1, A3, B5
Gendering a Sustainable Future: Water, Conflict and Climate Change Christiane Fröhlich, Giovanna Gioli C4, CRG CLISEC
Water and Air in the Hindu Kush Himalaya under Climatic and Environmental Change: Challenges and Opportunities Valerio Lucarini, Giovanna Gioli, Jürgen Scheffran A2, C4, CRG CLISEC
Sozialwissenschaftliche Klimaforschung - Quo Vadis? Simone Rödder IA 4


Workshop title Applicant (CliSAP) Research Area
CEN/CliSAP/ECRA/WCRP Workshop on Regional Sea Level Changes (announcement, report) Detlef Stammer A3
Gendering a Sustainable Future: Conflict, Genocide and Climate Change (announcement) Elisabeth Hope Murray, Giovanna Gioli, Christiane Fröhlich C4
Bornoe Workshop on the Future of the Nordic Seas (announcement) Carsten Eden B3
Climate Change and Environmental Pressure: Adaptation and Resilience of Local Communities in the Hindu-Kush-Karakoram-Himalaya Giovanna Gioli, Valerio Lucarini, Jürgen Scheffran A2, CRG CLISEC, C4
International Analyses of Climate Change Communication: The State of the Art and the Way Forward Mike S. Schäfer CRG MCCC
Afrika Workshop Martin Claussen, Jürgen Scheffran A2, CRG CLISEC
25. Internationale Polartagung (report) Eva-Maria Pfeiffer B1