Well-attended CSC Annual Meeting - KlimaCampus was partner


Around 300 representatives from business, politics and science participated in the annual meeting "City in Climate Change" at the Climate Service Center (CSC) at the beginning of the week. This was double the number at the first meeting in Leipzig, and there was a significant increase in the proportion of decision makers from businesses and public authorities. Hamburg´s Mayor, Olaf Scholz, congratulated the CSC and its cooperation partners on their successful Hamburg network with national and international ties.

"Sometimes in the morning, we can see steam rising from the Elbe River from our institute!" In her lecture, Prof. Heinke Schlünzen gave graphical descriptions of the visible effects of water bodies in the complex urban system. A characteristic of the city center is that temperatures 2 - 12° C higher than the surroundings are measured, whereby the values usually increase the most in the areas with the greatest density of buildings. Eleven further lectures showed the large spectrum of research topics. Prof. Jürgen Oßenbrügge from the KlimaCampus moderated a live interview with Rob Hopkins in England, one of the founders of the "Transition" network.

The scientist and policy maker, Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, drawing on his decades-long experience in environmental protection, held an impassioned talk: "Climate protection means north-south equity and technical revolution". The lectures and statements by scientists, policy makers and business leaders demonstrated the breadth of the CSC scope and the importance of communicating scientific results tailored to the needs of stakeholders.