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Tips, first hand: How to survive your dissertation


Doctoral students have a lot of questions at the beginning of work on their dissertation: How does one write scientifically? How do I get my articles published? How can I build up a network of contacts? And what does interdisciplinary work entail? To answer these questions, students from the SICSS and IMPRS graduate schools have now published their experiences as doctoral students in the pamphlet “How to survive your PhD – Essays from KlimaCampus graduate students.”

“The PhD students were asked to write on a topic on which they wish, in retrospect, that they had been given a few tips,” said junior professor Johanna Baehr. “For the most part, the authors are still at the beginning of writing their dissertations, so they can still remember their first steps well. That’s how it came to an entertaining handbook with tips and encouragement for doctoral students who are just starting out.”


“A (not so) serious guide to an excellent oral presentation“ is just one example of a humorous guide to giving successful scientific presentations. The contributions, written in English, also describe how communication problems with doctoral advisors can be avoided or how a scientific article is usually evaluated. For its part, the “Time and self-management“ chapter presents constructive suggestions on how to organize and complete your work effectively.


The subjects for the articles were developed in the “Research Skills” seminar offered by junior professor Baehr. The topics were discussed throughout the semester, and ultimately submitted as essays. In a concluding workshop on writing skills, offered with the author Dallas Murphy from New York, the idea of collecting the texts into a handbook for publication came about.


“How to survive your PhD - Essays from KlimaCampus Graduate Students,“ KlimaCampus 2011, Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einPDF download.

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