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The Earth in formulas: the international conference “DAMES” in Hamburg


Scientists transform the complex Earth system into various mathematical formulas and models, allowing them to forecast extreme weather events or future climate changes – prognoses that involve tremendous amounts of data. This week, more than 100 researchers gathered at the international conference “Data Analysis and Modeling in Earth Sciences” (DAMES), hosted by Universität Hamburg. The participants discussed new techniques and methods for the statistical evaluation of observational and climate model data, and exchanged notes on the latest developments in modeling.

What are the new developments in Earth System Modeling? DAMES provided a platform for experts.
DAMES in Hamburg: Participants of the conference in front of the University's main building.

The conference attracted experts from all fields of Earth system research, including the atmospheric sciences, oceanography, meteorology, hydrology, physics and mathematics. “We’re very pleased that we could bring the conference to Hamburg this year, and that such diverse disciplines were represented,” said Dr. Christian Franzke. “This year we saw a stimulating exchange of ideas across disciplines, with equal attention paid to theory and applications,” added Professor Johanna Baehr. Together with Professor Valerio Lucarini, Franzke and Baehr formed the organization committee for the event. The DAMES conference is held every two years at alternating locations. The 2016 conference was sponsored by Universität Hamburg’s Cluster of Excellence CliSAP.


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