Research festival for the whole family in Lübeck


From June 2nd to 6th the Cluster of Excellence CliSAP will present its urban climate exhibition at the Science Summer in Lübeck.

Under the motto "Climate change: regional and local", CliSAP, together with the Norddeutsches Klimabüro (North German Climate Office) and the German Research Council, invites the interested public to visit its information pavillion at the Lübeck market square. Here the visitors can learn important facts about urban climate in an interactive exhibition and get an introduction to Hamburg’s climate research. In front of the tent, a huge climate memory game promotes "learning by playing".

The initiative "Science in Dialogue" organizes the Science Summer each year in different German cities. This year Lübeck, the City of Science for 2012, is in line to host the event. The organizers have developed an extensive program for young and old, focusing on the topic sustainability. From a film festival to experiments for kids to exhibits to an international science slam.

Science Summer will open on the 2nd of June 2012 at the Lübeck market square in the presence of Schleswig-Holstein’s Science Minister Jost de Jaeger, Mayor Bernd Saxe and the Chairman of the steering committee of Science in Dialogue, Prof. Dr. Gerold Wefer.