CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Open Ship on the RV METEOR meets with great interest


Around 5000 visitors toured the research vessel METEOR in Hamburg last weekend, which was at the "Überseebrücke" in Hamburg harbor for three days. In spite of mixed weather, long lines formed with people who wanted to learn about the ship and its technical and scientific equipment.

Just arriving from the shipyard in Bremerhaven, the almost 25 year old METEOR was in best form for the visitors, for example with new, more powerful cranes, a dedicated satellite line and new winches for scientific equipment. In addition, the living quarters and galley were also renovated. During their round tour on board, visitors could see the labs and instruments and learn about the scientific work at sea.

On deck, a rosette, the robotic diver ROV KIEL 6000 and a multiply-closing plankton net attracted the most interest. Visitors of all ages worked on sediment samples and examined specimens with the microscope.

The KlimaCampus stand, which offered information about educational opportunities at the University of Hamburg and the "School of Integrated Climate System Sciences" was highly frequented.

During the coming expedition, Captain Thomas Wunderlich will have to watch our for dangerous ice fields: In the supolar North Atlantic, Prof. Detlef Quadfasel (KlimaCampus) will be investigating the circulation and fluctuations in the mass transport of deep oceanic water. This water, which flows southward at depths below 2000 meters, forms together with the northward flowing warm surface waters the Atlantic circulation system. As a "heat conveyor belt" it provides for our mild European climate.