New at the KlimaCampus: Prof. Dr. Valerio Lucarini


Dr. Valerio Lucarini has been conferred with the title Professor of Theoretical Meteorology by the University of Hamburg in recognition of his international professional standing in the field of theoretical meteorology and climatology. The Italian physicist came to us from Reading (UK), where he had been researching and working as a lecturer in meteorology and mathematics since 2009. He was awarded his doctorate at the University di Joensuu, Finland.

In 2010 Lucarini received the Oustanding Scientist Award of the European Geosciences Union and is currently a recipient of a prestigious grant awarded by the European Research Council for his project “Thermodynamics of the Climate System – NAMASTE".

In his research Lucarini combines the fields of dynamic meteorology and climate dynamics with statistical physics and applied mathematics. With models of various degrees of complexity he explores climate variability and change, especially the climatic tipping points and feedbacks. Lucarini investigates the thermodynamic properties and mechanisms of the climate system on a global scale – covering large scale heat transport in the ocean and the atmosphere, efficiency and irreversibility of the climate system as well as the atmospheric and ocean circulation. He has developed new statistical mechanical tools to study rigorously the impact of perturbations to internal parameters or to the external forcing on the statistical properties of the climate system. His results provide diagnostic tools for assessing climate models and improving their validation.

Lucarini already worked at the KlimaCampus in 2008 and 2010 as a visiting scientist in Professor Klaus Fraedrich’s group of Theoretical Meteorology. He is familiar with the academic network of the KlimaCampus. In addition, he is also planning to strengthen collaboration with the Department of Physics, in order to explore the atmospheres of solar planets like Mars, Venus and others, and with the Department of Mathematics, in order to improve statistical mechanics and dynamical systems-based approaches for studying geophysical flows. His work is relevant for fundamental research as well as for applied science.

Born in the Italian harbour city of Ancona he soon felt right at home in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. “I find the diversity of people in Hamburg, and especially at the KlimaCampus, very stimulating. I enjoy getting to know people from different cultures very much,” he says. Accompanying Professor Lucarini are two PostDocs, Jeroen Wouters and Salvatore Pascale, and two PhD students, Robert Boschi and Davide Faranda.

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