CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

KlimaCampus at the "Extreme Weather Congress"


Yesterday, the sixth "Extreme Weather Congress" opened at the main building of the University of Hamburg with a press conference. The KlimaCampus is significantly present, with scientific lectures and an exhibition on urban climate and extreme weather.

Martin Claussen, chairman of the Cluster of Excellence "Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction" (CliSAP), expressed his pleasure that the Congress has come back to Hamburg, home of the KlimaCampus, after having taken place in Bremerhaven for two years in a row. 

After the welcome addresses by the climate researchers Mojib Latif, Guy Brasseur and others, Hans von Storch introduced the North-German Climate Report (German language), which was compiled at the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht (HZG) together with the KlimaCampus. Copies of the full version and a paperback summary are available at both the HZG and KlimaCampus stands.

The congress will run until Friday, the 15th of April, with a mixed program for experts, laypersons and pupils. Representatives from the KlimCampus speaking on Thursday will be Edilbert Kirk on the Planet-Simulator, the versatile climate-model-on-a-laptop, Michael Böttinger on 3D visualization of recent research results and Lars Kaleschke on the measurement of the ice thickness in the Arctic by satellite.