Jürgen Sündermann is honored by the University of Stettin


Professor Dr. Jürgen Sündermann received the medal ´SIS QUI ES - PRO PUBLICO BONO´ on 26 May 2009 from the University of Stettin. The medal was awarded for his distinguished merits in the German-Polish Cooperation Project in Oceanography and Engineering in Coastal Waters.

Since 1979 Professor Sündermann has actively promoted German-Polish cooperation -- in his discipline and far beyond. The scientific collaboration concentrated on the numerical simulation of currents and mass transports in shallow waters as well as the verification of hydrodynamic-numerical models with observational data. Numerous projects and symposia were carried out at Polish and German institutions (e.g. concerning the Odra flooding or regional effects of climate change). The project is funded by the Polish Academy of Sciences and the German Research Council.

Jürgen Sündermann was honored for his scientific contributions in 1994, when he was named Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is also a member of the editorial team of the respected Polish journal "Oceanologia". Jürgen Sündermann is now emeritus. The German coordination of the cooperation project now lies with the Institute for Coastal Research at the GKSS in Geesthacht. On the Polish side it is at the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering in Danzig.