CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

ICDC makes its new data product available


The CliSAP-integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) has completed its latest hydrographic data product. The WOHP (World Ocean Hydrographic Profiles) contains quality-controlled historical temperature and salinity profiles of the oceans of the world.

Scientists now have online access to regularly updated data on the two most important characteristics of sea water. For around two years, Victor Gouretski has been engaged in validating ocean data at KlimaCampus. The new data product is an extension of the oceanographic temperature and salinity profiles previously prepared by the ICDC into which historical hydrograhic data from the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency and the results of specific research projects conducted by the Hamburg Institute for Physical Oceanography are fed. The new raw data database is the latest update of the 2009 World Ocean Database regularly made available by the National Oceanographic Datacenter (USA).


The ICDC team examines the data, identifies possible errors and adds relevant information and references. The result is a well-documented product. "Oceanographers, marine biologists, geologists and others - researchers all have permanent access to the latest data," declares Gouretski.


Since 2008 the ICDC has been collecting observation data relevant to the climate of the CliSAP and partner institute Cluster of Excellence at the University of Hamburg´s KlimaCampus, and providing central access to the data, which is a vital source of information for determining the condition of the climate system and changes to the system. The raw data is processed again with improved algorithms and error analyses to optimise its quality. It is also supplemented with metadata and error information.


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