CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Great honour for the meteorologists at the KlimaCampus: Isaac Newton Institute gives the green light for a world-class scientific program.


The KlimaCampus professors for theoretical meteorology, Valerio Lucarini and Klaus Fraedrich are to initiate a scientific program at the renowned Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, England.

Scientists in England in the same field will also be participating (Mike Cullen and Beatrice Pelloni) and from France too (Sandro Vaienti). The program will run from October to December 2013, and is part of the science initiative "Mathematics for Planet Earth 2013". Mathematical societies and research institutes from across the globe will be contributing. The Institute for Meteorology at the University of Hamburg is thereby an official partner. 

"The events which are to take place during the "Mathematics for Planet Earth 2013" initiative will create a kind of an international think-tank of renowned scientists,“ says Lucarini. The meteorologist and his colleagues are proud to be organizing a program entitled "Mathematics for the Fluid Earth" as part of this world-class initiative. 


Their goal: to tackle fundamental scientific problems which lie on the boundaries between geophysical fluid dynamics, theoretical physics, and mathematics. They also hope to define methods of modeling complex systems. "We want to work to find the common ground between the different specialist areas, and encourage mutual exchanges. This will help us to spot completely new approaches to research," explained Lucarini.