CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Biology and physics in the model: Interview with Sebastian Sonntag


The interview series "Climate research made in Hamburg" will this month be meeting CliSAP PhD student Sebastian Sonntag. Working at the Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science of the University of Hamburg, the physicist is developing coupled ocean ecosystem models. Sebastian Sonntag´s work is part of his three-year PhD programme in the CliSAP Graduate School of Integrated Climate System Sciences.

Sebastian Sonntag is working within the CliSAP research group "Advancement of Coupled Climate Ocean Ecosystem Models". The physicist is fascinated by how natural phenomena can be better understood with the help of mathematics. Sebastian Sonntag, together with his colleagues, is developing models which will help investigate how changing environmental conditions impact on tiny ocean organisms. And conversely, how changes in the biology of such organisms can have an impact on the ocean and on the climate.

The interview was conducted by Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer, head of the "Media Constructions of Climate Change“ research group at the KlimaCampus Hamburg, and by Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch, head of the Helmholtz Zentrums Geesthacht Institute for Coastal Research. 

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