1. 20.11.2018

    Water shortages! When climate change drives elephants to the villages

    The rumbling could be heard for miles. A herd of African elephants was headed for the small Namibian village that I stayed at during my research visits. Elephants normally avoid the villages, but we could guess what they were searching for on that afternoon. They could pick up the scent from far...

  2. 30.10.2018

    Sechs Thesen für eine konstruktive Klima-Kommunikation

    Trotz unseres umfassenden Wissens zum Klimawandel ist kein Rückgang der Kohlendioxid-Emissionen zu beobachten. Sechs Empfehlungen, wie eine bessere Klima-Kommunikation mehr Menschen in ihrem Alltag erreicht und den Klimaschutz voranbringt, hat Experte Prof. Dr. Michael Brüggemann formuliert.

  3. 23.10.2018

    Conference of the Three North German Clusters of Excellence in Berlin

    At the Berlin “Umweltforum” more than 220 scientists from the marine-and climate research Clusters of Excellence based in Bremen, Hamburg and Kiel met to discuss and highlight the last decade of scientific research as part of the conference: “Ocean – Climate – Sustainability Research Frontiers”. The...

  4. 01.10.2018

    “It’s not enough to gather climate data”

    Just a few days ago, the German Research Foundation gave the green light: the Cluster of Excellence “Climate, Climatic Change, and Society” (CliCCS) will receive seven years of funding, starting in 2019. And researchers are already discussing key related aspects, e.g. in the recent workshop on...

  5. 10.09.2018

    Marine algae: Defying climate change on a rollercoaster

    Half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean. Minute algae, known as diatoms, produce this oxygen. At the same time, they are also the basis of the entire food chain in the ocean. Climate change is altering their habitat, but what effect is it having on these tiny powerhouses?

  6. 16.08.2018

    Fresh business ideas on climate change

    Europe’s largest summer school: for the third time, “The Journey,” organized by the EU “Climate-KIC” initiative is stopping off in Hamburg. In just five weeks, roughly 50 participants will develop business ideas that address climate change and its effects. A total of 440 master’s students and career...

  7. 09.08.2018

    Climate Adaptation Begins in the Mind

    In many regions, adaptation to climate change is necessary, but nothing is happening. Why not? I went searching for answers in Cornwall, where the local cliffs are steadily crumbling, yet no one is lifting a finger.

    By Vera Köpsel

  8. 30.07.2018

    The Hamburg Code for global warming

    Dr. Christian Franzke from the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN) has for the first time, depicted the annual mean temperatures for Hamburg in the form of a bar code - inspired by the “warming stripes” introduced by the British climate researcher Ed Hawkins. Franzke’s...