1. 09.08.2018

    Climate Adaptation Begins in the Mind

    In many regions, adaptation to climate change is necessary, but nothing is happening. Why not? I went searching for answers in Cornwall, where the local cliffs are steadily crumbling, yet no one is lifting a finger.

    By Vera Köpsel

  2. 30.07.2018

    The Hamburg Code for global warming

    Dr. Christian Franzke from the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN) has for the first time, depicted the annual mean temperatures for Hamburg in the form of a bar code - inspired by the “warming stripes” introduced by the British climate researcher Ed Hawkins. Franzke’s...

  3. 19.07.2018

    International Summer School: Experiencing climate research firsthand

    Learning how to understand our climate from experts? Digging in a bog to gather field data? Universität Hamburg’s international Summer School “Climate Change” offers young scientists the chance to experience four weeks of climate research in Hamburg. In the following, three participants share their...

  4. 26.06.2018

    Is there a specific Hamburg approach to climate science?

    A reflection on ten years of working together in CliSAP: What have we learned? How do all the results, smaller and larger, fit together? This discussion evening is part of the ongoing synthesis process to summarize the results and outputs of CliSAP.

  5. 29.05.2018

    Climate pros “made in Hamburg”: 10 years of SICSS Graduate School

    They hail from India and Russia, Brazil, Iran and Germany, and after finishing their studies they work in e.g. Africa, the Americas or Europe: climate professionals “made in Hamburg.” Over the past decade, more than 200 students have completed their Master’s or PhD in climate research at Universität...