Implementated Measures for Equal Opportunity at CliSAP

The CliSAP Cluster of Excellence has set five general goals, which are outlined in its Gender Action Plan:

  • Increasing the number of women at all academic levels 
  • Creating work structures and organization together with academic cultures that are universally gender and family friendly
  • Improving work-life balance and promoting a positive and creative environment for excellent research
  • Measures relating to "Awareness Growing"
  • Monitoring the success of the measures introduced


The following measures could be realized until now:

Advancement of Women and Young Researchers

Balancing family and cutting-edge research


Please contact our Equal Opportunity Officer concerning questions on:

  • (financial) Support for emergency childcare and childcare under ecxeptional circumstances
  • Support on home office and telework
  • Support on application for nursing care for relatives

Awareness Growing