CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Equal opportunity at CliSAP

An effective equal opportunity policy stipulates a real commitment to reforms. CliSAP aims to create a creative and stimulating environment by providing cutting edge research and work-life balance opportunities for everyone.

Gender task force:  We are glad to assist you with all matters concerning equal opportunity at CliSAP.  Read more.

Work-life balance: An effective equal opportunity policy is an essential ingredient of promoting academic success. For a description of our equal opportunity strategy and further information, please: Read more.

Code of Conduct: CliSAP developed a Code of Conduct to provide a better work-life balance. All members of CliSAP are invited to discuss this topic. Read more.

Equal Opportunity at CliSAP: What have we accomplished? What needs to be improved? Did we miss anything? The members of our Equal Opportunity Commission have defined five comprehensive equal opportunity goals. Read more.

Career planning: CliSAP supports students, doctoral candidates, and researchers in building successful academic careers. We offer a broad range of advising, workshops, and networking programs. Read more.

Balancing family life and cutting edge research: CliSAP will help you deal with the challenges of meeting the demands of first-class research and raising a family. We have compiled useful information on where to find support at CliSAP, Universität Hamburg, and throughout the city. Read more.

Job satisfaction survey: At the Cluster of Excellence CliSAP job satisfaction and equal opportunity are top priorities.  Read more.

Further information and links: We have collated numerous important contacts in our partner institutions, legal information, networks, and funding options for academics. Read more.